Discover the itineraries aboard historic trains in the summer

Have you ever traveled aboard a historic train? FS Group, thanks to its initiative FS Treni Turistici Italiani, realizes new routes throughout our country, using old streets that have been restructured and offers passengers a unique experience, which goes well beyond the mere connection between two places. Express train routes are currently leaving, consisting of cars from the 80s and 90s that have been restructured and modernized, to better meet the needs of tourists. Let’s find out what they are best trips that will debut in the summer.

The best itineraries in Northern Italy

Let’s start with the many proposals for the Northern Italy: the first connection was inaugurated during the winter season, and given its success it will continue even in the summer. It’s about Cadore Express, which connects Rome Termini to Cortina d’Ampezzo. From June 25 to August 31, 2024, every Tuesday and Thursday the train will leave Rome Termini at 9:00 p.m. and arrive at Calalzo-Pieve di Cadore-Cortina station at 8:00 a.m. the following morning – the bus journey for reach the center of Cortina. The return trip will instead be organized every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 8 pm.

The novelty of the year are the two new Italian Tourist Trains that depart during the summer period. The first is theEspresso Versiliathat will travel from Milan to Cinque Terre, and then descends towards Pisa and the beaches of Versilia. The train, operating from August 6 to September 26, 2024, will depart from Milan Central Station every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:35 a.m., while the return is expected on the same days from Livorno, at 4:50 p.m. The other surprise isRiviera Express, which instead connects Milan to Ventimiglia, until reaching the French Riviera. However, no details about this trip have been provided yet.

In addition to the Italian Tourist Trains, there are many other departures planned in the summer, including those organized by the FS Italiane Foundation. Let’s start from Piedmont: the Train from Langhe Roero and Monferratu is a unique journey that, on June 1, 2024, will allow tourists to discover the landscapes of the Piedmontese hills and their vineyards. The route will connect Turin Porta Nuova station to Canelli or Nice Monferrato, staying also in Turin Lingotto, Bra and Alba. It is the perfect experience for all wine and food lovers food and wine tourism.

Another nice surprise is Sacro Monte train, a journey starting on June 16, 2024, between history and spirituality. The route will start from Novara station, arriving at Varallo Sesia station in about three hours. From here, you can reach the majestic architectural complex of the Sacru Monte, nestled between the mountains of Valsesia. It is an impressive building, now protected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

On June 2, 2024, it will be possible to depart from Milano Centrale station on board the Laveno Express, in the direction of Lake Maggiore and its incredible beauties. The last stop is the village of Laveno, overlooking the eastern coast of the basin. Meanwhile, always departing from Milano Centrale, on June 16 it will be possible to travel aboard the Sabino Express, which instead will lead to the area of ​​Bergamo. The route will lead tourists inside the Oglio River Regional Park, at the foot of the enchanting Valle Camonica.

Finally, the proposals for Friuli Venezia Giulia are very interesting. U Train by Ottavio Bottecchia and the Trout Train in celebration will leave from Pordenone on June 9, 2024, taking passengers to the village of Trasaghis: it is a journey to discover the routes tackled by the great cyclist Bottecchia, on the occasion of the centenary of the first victory of an Italian in the Tour de France. While June 16, 2024 will be the turn Train between Laguna and Marestarting from Portugruaro station and arriving at the seaside village of Miramare.

He Resurgence and Stella train this is the route that, on June 23, 2024, will connect the city of Trieste to that of Palazzolo dello Stella, overlooking the Marano lagoon: a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the uncontaminated nature and rich biodiversity of this area humid Finally, on June 30, 2024 the Train Terre dell’Altolivenza, which will connect Sacile to Budoia-Polcenigo station. An incredible journey to discover the territories crossed by the Livenza river, which originates in Friuli and flows into Veneto.

The best itineraries in Central Italy

There are two itineraries not to be missed in Central Italy. The first is the one who travels on board Italian Sub-Apennine Railwaycrossing the most evocative territories of the Marches: the train, starting from 2 and 30 June 2024, will connect the cities of Ancona and Fabriano, until reaching Pergola, the “town of 100 churches”. It is a very panoramic route, discovering the hills, vineyards and splendid medieval villages where time seems to have stopped.

In Tuscany, on the other hand, the Train of nature: the trip is scheduled for June 2, 2024, and connects the city of Siena to that of Asciano. During the route, passengers will be able to admire the magnificent landscape of the Crete Senesi. And, once you arrive at your destination, there will be the opportunity to visit the characteristic Market of Crete Senesiwhere you can buy some souvenirs of the day, or go trekking in unpolluted nature.

The best itineraries in southern Italy

Finally, we go to southern Italy. The first trip that should not be missed is the one on board Park railwaythe historic panoramic line also known as the Trans-Siberian Railway of Italy. The train will leave on June 1, 2024 from Sulmona, until reaching the village of Carovilli crossing the mountainous territories of Abruzzo and Molise. The next day, June 2, 2024, back from Sulmona you can travel on another historic train to visit the village of Roccarasoone of the most famous winter tourist destinations in the Apennines.

Finally, on June 2, 2024 it will be possible to travel to Campania on board theArcheotrene, a unique itinerary to discover the most precious archaeological treasures of Italy. The train will depart from Naples, offering a magnificent view of Mount Vesuvius and the Tyrrhenian coast, and will stop at Pietrarsa (home of the National Railway Museum), Pompeii and the Cilentowhere you can visit the sites of Paestum and Velia, two ancient colonies of Magna Graecia.

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