Discover Tropea, the city praised by the Telegraph

Perched along the rocky cliff overlooking the tip of our boot, the city of Trophy it is one of the most beautiful in Italy: that’s what the Telegraph says, paying tribute to this pearl. In fact, although it is a famous tourist destination for our compatriots, it is still practically unknown to foreigners. However absolutely worth a visit, for its dream beaches, the historic center full of surprises and its breathtaking view. Let’s discover together the wonders of Tropea.

Tropea, the praise of the Telegraph

It is impossible not to be fascinated by the panorama of Tropea, the picturesque Italian village located on the tip of Calabria. And perhaps it is precisely because, far from the classic tourist routes, it is not easily accessible that even today few foreigners know about it. As well as, the Telegraph decided to tell about its beauties, with words of praise that show us the city from another point of view. Here Coast of the Gods with jagged inlets that jut out along the Calabrian coast, is where Tropea is located.

“Seen from afar, take a boat ridethe imposing houses of pink and apricot stone rise from granite cliffs 70 meters high, casting shadows on the blue water”: this is how the English newspaper describes the historic center of the village, which rises above the most beautiful beach in the country. Trophy. Naturally, in the summer it is aimed at tourists, especially Italians from the Northern regions. But you can still enjoy its charm in spring and autumnwhen the temperatures are milder and there are much less crowds.

What to see in Tropea

Title winner Borgo dei Borghi in 2021, Tropea is a place of charm and wonders, the perfect tourist destination for those looking for a real corner of paradise. Of course, what catches the eye on arrival at this picture-postcard spot is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola, an ancient monastery probably built in the 6th century on a promontory overlooking the sea – you know – you that it used to be separated from the mainland and this is precisely why it owes its name? Despite the many renovations made necessary even by a violent earthquake, the building still maintains its original charm.

It is then between the narrow streets of the Old Town that you can be enchanted by the wonders of Tropea. Here there are noble palaces from the 18th and 19th centuries, which lie on the cliff which, as the Telegraph reminds, offers a truly suggestive view for those coming from the sea. Particularly beautiful is the complex Santa Chiararecently renovated: the ancient medieval church now hosts a conference room, while the rooms of the Clarisse convent have been prepared for the exhibition of the Civic Museum of the Sea.

Finally, the Spectacular beaches of Tropea, which really attracts thousands of tourists every year. As the Rotonda beach, this crescent of white sand that collapses at the foot of the cliff, bordered by the rock of San Leonardo: overlooking the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, it offers all the necessary services for those who just want a day of relaxation . And, for the more adventurous, there is the small cove that hides inside Diver’s Cave reachable only by sea and therefore a true oasis of peace.

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