At 64, this woman looks 10 months younger thanks to this secret “I apply the 90/10 rule”

Looking younger than your age is the dream of many people. Some resort to tricks, others to plastic surgery, but this is not the case for Harrah Brown. Thanks to his 100% natural method, he manages to look 10 years younger.

The older we get, the more our body presents stigmata old woman, like wrinkles. To slow down the aging process or at least hide its effects on the skin of the face and body, there are many anti-aging products. However, it is also possible to slow down the effects of aging and look younger through diet. That’s exactly what Harrah Brown, a 64-year-old influencer, is doing on TikTok. Thanks to a healthy diet and exercise, she looks much younger than her age. Here are the details on theanti-aging tip which she shared on her account.

A diet with many virtues

No sugar, cookies or cakes

It is on his TikTok account that the American influencer revealed the constituent elements of her diet. Here are the categories of food I buy each week, she said in a video described by the magazine Top Health. The sixty-year-old unpacked the contents of his shopping bag and we immediately leftabsence of sweets. In fact, the fitness coach does not buy cakes, cookies and ice cream, or processed foods. Eliminating these items from her diet helped her lose weight and belly fat from menopause.

Rejuvenating foods

Like many women around the world, Harrah Brown has spent much of her life caring for those she loves, especially her four children. Now he takes care of himself. Also, it teaches us thatit’s never too late to be healthy. U sixty years link these words to the actions, because in his shopping bag we find red and black fruits, such as frozen blueberries and fresh raspberries. As a reminder, these delicious fruit they are good for cognitive functions and the brain. In addition, red and black fruits also help delay aging, like fresh fish. Harrah Brown has fresh fish in its grocery stores, such as salmon and halibut. In fact, the salmon it is known for its antioxidant properties and also allows you to have smoother skin.

As with the 90/10 rule

According to Rule 90/10the things that happen to us make up only 10% of our lives and the way we react make up the other 90%. The influencer Harrah Brown designed and adapted this rule to his diet. She explains that she strictly enforces this rule. How? Consume 90% nutritious foods at home and 10% comfort foods when eating out.

Harrah Brown’s second secret of youth

Sport as an ally

Harrah Brown is a 64-year-old influencer. If we can describe her as a granny influencer, she is not one fashionable grandmother. Despite his age, Harrah Brown is not retired, as he is still working. In fact, the sixty-year-old has a full-time job and not just any job, since she is train fitness. This means that sport is an integral part of his life and when it comes to fitness, he really knows his way around. U sport it is therefore the second secret that allows this 64-year-old sixty-year-old to look only 54. He trains three times a week and is diligent, both with his diet and with sports.

Practice physical activity regularly

We’ve all heard this phrase at least once, practice physical activity regularly. Be careful though, you have to choose this one carefully physical activitybecause some of them accelerate the elderly instead of delaying. Our advice, do like Harrah Brown. Practice walking and she walk at least one kilometer per day. U walks allows you to practice physical exercise regularly and without too much effort. This will also allow you to lose weight without having to do strenuous exercises.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

U combination of diet + sport makes Harrah Brown look younger. However, there is another element that stands out from the video she posted, and that is her good mood. In this video, we see a 64-year-old woman smiling and having a positive attitude. What he says is perfectly in line with what we see and what we hear. It is the embodiment of the maxim: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

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