Aboard historic trains to discover the Italian lakes

With the arrival of summer, without a shadow of a doubt, the possibilities of traveling to discover the corners of our territory that the whole world envies us increase. And precisely during this spring we have more opportunities to put on board very interesting historical trains which, in addition to passing through picturesque villages in ancient streets, will take you a short distance past majestic lakes: welcome aboard the historic Italian trains.

All aboard the Lario Express

Starting from May 12 this year it will be possible to board the beautiful ship Lario Express, a steam locomotive equipped with a Centoporte carriage from the 1930s and Corbellini carriages from the 1950s. It is a charming old train that departs from Milan Centrale, and then runs on the tracks until it reaches the elegant. city ​​of Como.

But of course it doesn’t end there, because from Como you cross all of Brianza on a secondary line full of charm and making short stops in places that are hard to forget. It is an example of this Merone, romantic village where water is the fundamental element: first of all there is the lake of Pusiano, which bathes the Moiana and which in these parts preserves its shores with a natural appearance, and then the artificial lakes of Baggeru and Lambro which , flowing dug into the hills. , crosses the entire country. Finally we reach the destination Lecco which certainly does not need too many introductions because of its refinement.

From Como it is also possible to organize your day independently and use the Navigazione Laghi boats. All while bringing your own bike with you.

Laveno Express, for a journey from other times

It started on May 5th and will be available for several other dates Laveno Expressa historic train that begins its journey snorting from Milan Centrale to the city of Lavenuwhich offers a splendid panorama of the Borromean basin of Lake Maggiore.

There are also many interesting stages available not to be missed, such as the one you can do Bust Arsizio which, despite being today a modern industrial and commercial center, offers a historical center of pure value. Walking through the streets of the center, in fact, you can observe various ancient buildings, churches and palaces that belong to the period before the advent of industry. .

From Laveno, which is located between the blue of the lake and the green of the mountains that frame it, it is possible to use the frequent “ferry boat” services to get there. Enteron the Piedmontese shore of the lake is a real treasure.

On the Sebino Express to discover Lake Iseo

Those who want to discover the wonders of Lake Iseo should wait for May 19, the day they will hit the slopes. Sebino Express, train equipped with ancient carriages and which will arrive at Milan Centrale Paratico Sarnic.

Departing from the central station of the Lombardy capital, the convoy will head towards the Bergamo region in the Oglio River Regional Park, at the foot of the Valley of Camonica. It will be a trip worth remembering, because you will cross the undulating mountains of Franciacorta and the first pre-alpine foothills, to reach the magnificent Lake Iseo with its transparent waters on board a sustainable vehicle, surrounded by mountains and embellished by picturesque villages rich in art and traditions.

The train will arrive at Palazzolo sull’Oglio and then reach Paratico-Sarnico, where the barge carriage service used to be carried out. Even here there will be no shortage of things to do, because this is the ideal place to spend a day full of nature walking on the lake, but also to dedicate yourself to the ancient and recent history of these places by visiting the remains of the castle in the hinterland is the Lantieri tower.

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