Apple: Diagnostic tool for DIY repair available in Europe

  • At the end of last year, the Apple has given users in the US access to a very important tool for DIY repair, Self Service Repair Diagnostics software.

Now this software is expanding in 32 European countries (and soon in Canada).

This software will help you diagnose and fix faulty or broken components in a product while running on a second Apple device. It will guide you through the process with on-screen prompts. When it is done, you will know if something is really broken and what parts you need to order to repair the device.

This tool is also invaluable for unauthorized repair shops. Apple allows individuals and third-party shops to repair the iPhone with genuine parts, and they have a service that helps them verify that the parts are really genuine.

It’s not just iPhone, the Self Service repair diagnostic tool can also examine Mac and Studio monitors. It is now available in 33 countries and 24 languages.

The Self Service Repair program offers access to genuine parts and tools and manuals for 42 Apple products. Recently, this also includes new MacBook Airs with M3 chips. These are the same parts, tools and manuals used by staff at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers.

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