Abused his colleague Thelma Fardin

Juan Darthés, Brazilian actor known for the soap opera “Patty’s World”, was sentenced to 6 years in prison. As reported in various foreign media, he was found guilty of violating his colleague Thelma Fardin.

The actress, in a press conference organized after the sentence, thanked everyone “for being here after so many years. Naturally it is a day full of emotions, I am moved”. Fardin admitted that he had lost hope that Darthés would be brought to trial: “Unfortunately, despite the fact that my case received justice today, this is not the reality of most cases and that is why today this sentence should be a message of hope for those people who are still suffering some kind of abuse It should be a hope for them to think that, even if it is very difficult, that even if the person they have signal is powerful, they have many tools.

In his 2018 complaint, the artist said he was abused when he was 16 and the actor 45, while they were in Nicaragua for the telenovela tour. “It was in 2009. I was 16 years old and we were doing a children’s tour. I was a girl. The only adult actor was 45 years old.”

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