52% of the co-owners questioned want the work to be compulsory

A Primes energy study shows that co-owners are far from reluctant to do renovation work. What they want above all is readability and stability.

And if ultimately the co-owners were not as reluctant as one might believe regarding the renovation of his house. A study without a doubt breaks down a certain number of preconceived ideas about co-ownership and energy renovation.

Study that could inspire well the parties in the race for these legislative elections. The Primes-energy platform explains that the majority of co-owners are in fact in favor of the obligation to do the work and only a small majority asks for the postponement of the ban on thermal filters for rent.

The Primes-energy platform supports individuals and institutions in the work of renewal (information, assistance with project management, research of artisans and financing, etc.).

The terms “thermal filters” refer to houses classified F and G under the diagnosis of energy performance (or DPE). They will be prohibited to rent on January 1, 2025 for the Gs then on January 1, 2028 for the Fs.

Penalties for reluctant employers

The study carried out by Primes-energy shows that 52% of the co-owners questioned agree that the work should be mandatory. Even more spectacular: 60% of them would like to sanction those who have sufficient means but who slow down during the votes in the general assemblies.

In reality, the priority for them is the readability and stability of the rules and aids. Thus, 78% of the co-owners questioned ask for a law that guarantees aid over several years. Stability… and time. If 1 in 2 co-owners (54% precisely) are in favor of postponing the ban on thermal filters for rent, it is mainly to be able to carry out the work gradually. So 79% of them want to keep the assistance for simple actions rather than to focus everything in the general renovation.

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