200,000 tenants will have income “over the roof”, according to Guillaume Kasbarian

“The number of social housing units that are more than 20% above the roofs is 80,000,” he added. France had 5.3 million HLM housing units at the beginning of 2023, according to the Social Union for Housing, which represents social landlords. The minister presented to the senators on Wednesday the main measures of his project “in relation to the development of the supply of affordable housing”, which will be discussed in June in the Senate.

“Shock Offers”

The text provides that social housing tenants who exceed the maximum ceiling of resources authorized to obtain housing will automatically pay an “additional rent”, while currently they have to wait until they exceed the ceiling of 20%. The level of resources at which a family can, with some exceptions, be evicted from their social housing also changes. Instead of waiting for the tenant to be 50% above the highest ceiling, they only need to exceed 20%.

It will also be taken into account the assets of the tenants, which will allow their departure if they have accommodation that would allow them to meet their needs in the private sector. Guillaume Kasbarian reiterates the desire to create the conditions for a “supply shock” to better accommodate the French, especially the middle classes.

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