Why is it so difficult to sell real estate in Toulouse?

The site seloger.com has just revealed the top 50 cities where real estate is sold the fastest. After cities such as Lille (6th), Paris (25th), Lyon (28th) and Marseille (29th), Toulouse occupies the 38th place in this ranking.

The real estate crisis continues throughout France. And the metropolis of Toulouse is no exception, on the contrary. According to a study of the site seloger.com a house in Toulouse would take an average of 83 days to sell, or almost three months.

By David Pratas, real estate agent at Cutting-edge transaction, this delay is partly explained by the attractiveness of the Pink City. “Toulouse is one of the most attractive cities in France. With Airbus, many people come to settle in the region to work. Consequently, the price per m2 it is high (€3,425 Ndr) and above all it has not fallen”, explains this specialist.

Toulouse and the big cities in slow motion

If Rouen, Roubaix and Quimper occupy the first places, you have to go down to the middle of the ranking to discover the cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants – Lille and Strasbourg excepted. Behind Paris, Lyon, Marseille or even Nice and Nantes, Toulouse is only 38 years olde city ​​location where you can quickly sell real estate.

Historically, the city of Toulouse has always enjoyed a great attraction. Located near the sea and the mountains, and in the heart of the cultural region “Occitanie”, Toulouse and its city center are often very popular. For David Pratas, however, many people leave this city center “With such high loan rates, people who imagined having a house (Editor’s note: €4,245 per m).2) with a terrace or a balcony, cannot afford such accommodation in Toulouse. This prompts them to either stay in their current accommodation, lower their expectations or simply leave the pink city and look into the surrounding communities.

Another problem raised by the real estate agent: the TGV line. Or rather its absence at the moment. “When we look at Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille or even Lille, in addition to their specificities, all these cities benefit from a TGV line that puts them close to Paris, with Airbus, the train is not very popular going to Paris we have to go through Montauban, Agen and Bordeaux, the same if we want to go to Marseille or Lyon From a railway point of view, Toulouse is the most isolated major city”, assures us David Pratas.

In fact, the arrival of the Paris-Bordeaux TGV line has greatly contributed to the attractiveness of the prefecture of Aquitaine with many Parisian workers coming to settle there.

Loan rates too high

Another problem is the loan rates. After a period where these times reach less than 1%, they end up rising to 6% or 7%. However, they are beginning to decline. “Currently we are going around 4%, 5% and we must continue on this path until we reach 2.25%. This drop in rates is accompanied by a kind of revival of the real estate sector, people has easier access to bank loans, estimates. the real estate specialist, for example, I had a house in Colomiers for 7 months, despite the reductions that we did not call, and in the end, the rates began to decrease.

This renaissance of the real estate sector is accompanied by a wave of housing construction on the outskirts of Toulouse, especially in Labarthe-sur-Lèze and Saint-Orens-de-Gameville.

What prices?

With an average price of €4,245 per m2 from January 1, 2024 for apartments, Toulouse is the 35th largest city with the lowest price per m2 between Toulon and Nantes and the average surface area of ​​the apartments purchased is 49 m2.

As for houses, the average price is €4,205 per m2 on January 1, 2024. Toulouse occupies the 39th place in this ranking between Nantes and Montpellier while the average surface area is 39 m2.

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