what changes on May 15 for energy renewal aid

From May 15, aid will no longer be reserved for general renovation. Objective: to restart the home improvement work without forcing the owners to do everything at once.

Mapriménov is evolving (again) this May 15. Since the beginning of the year, faced with the explosion of requests for renovation aid (that is, since the State decided to limit aid only to general renovation), the government chose to back down and to open the system again to smaller tasks.

It must be said that in the first quarter the number of applications presented to Anah, the organization that distributes this aid, collapsed 65% over a year. To no longer offer the device only for large-scale renovations, the government believed that it was encouraging the owners to embark on major work. Except that it has, on the contrary, cool the coldest. And it is better to do a small renovation, for example only insulation or replacement of the heating system nothing at all.

Help for simple gestures

Specifically, with this expansion of the system, the owners will be better helped. The Hellowatt platform takes the example of an owner of a 100 m² house who wants to insulate its walls from the outside. Before May 15, as a subsidy, he is only entitled to CEE, energy savings certificates. Of the work estimated at 17,500 euros, 16,500 euros remain to be paid out of his pocket. After May 15, thanks to the return of Mapriménov, his remaining liability will be only 9,000 euros. It is a gain of 7,500 euros.

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On the other hand, for those who are in less of a hurry, they should not delay. The rules often change due to errors and budget adjustments. The one that foresees the return of funding for simple gestures is therefore only officially back until the end of the year and we risk having many questions.

What about thermal filters?

Note also to the owners of thermal filters, housing F or G: the government had specifically withdrawn funding for simple gestures from these housing units to force their owners to undertake a complete renovation. They can also benefit from Maprimerénov again.

The fact remains that removing a home from thermal cut-off status requires a lot of work. A big challenge for the owners, those which fall under the prohibition of rent collectors. The Imodirect manager tried to estimate the number of shares needed to earn two DPE letters. However, for almost half of the houses, 2 actions are necessary.

But watch out for almost a quarter of them (24% precisely), a single gesture could be enough. Among those that we know are the most effective are obviously the insulation, the change of the heating system and the change of the windows. Except that according to Imodirect, among the owners, it is the installation of thermostatic faucets, which allows the temperature in each room to be regulated better, which is to date the first preferred action. A gesture that costs only ten euros and, according to Ademe, can reduce energy consumption by 3 to 5%. However, there is little chance that this will be enough to earn a DPE degree. So yes to the simple but careful gesture to choose the most effective.

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