this dried fruit, which is consumed as an aperitif, is better for lowering blood pressure

According to the latest recommendations from the PNNS, consuming a portion of this dried fruit every day protects the cardiovascular system and helps lower blood pressure. We will tell you everything.

thehigh blood pressure refers to increased blood pressure in the arteries. It is a chronic disease that affects millions of people around the world. Indeed, when blood pressure is not controlled, it can cause a lot of damage to the heart. However, some natural solutions are recommended to lower blood pressure, including the consumption of dried fruit. A Public Health France survey, carried out in 2015, showed that 85% of adults do not include these fruits in their diet. A few years later, the National Program of Nutrition and Health published a recommendation that invites the consumption of a handful of these fruits every day. Here is a selection of dried fruits that you should eat to lower your blood pressure.

Nuts that lower blood pressure

The almond

The almond is the fruit of the almond tree, a tree in the Rosaceae family. It is a fruit that is highly valued in ancient Greece and Rome, due to its excellent health benefits. Since the 2000s, the consumption of almonds has increased exponentially worldwide. In fact, almost 30,000 tons of almonds are consumed every year. Almonds have a high content of potassium, magnesium and unsaturated fatty acids. According to, a portion of 20 to 40 g per day is enough to regulate the arterial pressure and reduce cholesterol levels. You can combine it with an infusion moringa.


Widely consumed as an appetizer, pistachios have many health benefits. These nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 and contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Its high content of vitamin E, B1, B6 and antioxidants protects brain cells and helps reduce blood pressure.


Chestnuts come from the Castanea sativa or chestnut tree, a fruit tree that grows in the northern temperate zones of all continents. Appreciated in autumn, the chestnut is usually eaten as a delicacy. Very nutritious, has many benefits. In fact, it is rich in carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin C and B, protein, copper, manganese, magnesium, iron and is low in fat. Thanks to all its nutritional properties, chestnuts are garlic they help fight against high blood pressure and strengthen the body after an illness due to stress or kidney failure.

The health benefits of dried fruits

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids

Dried fruits are recommended when you feel peckish. Very crunchy, they can be eaten as an aperitif or snacks for the pleasure of gourmets. Their calorie content does not make them less healthy. Indeed, dried fruits have essential nutritional properties. U unsaturated fatty acids and omega 3, 6 and 9 protect the cardiovascular system, indicates the Foundation for Medical Research.

Mineral springs

Dried fruits usually consist of less than 50% water and are full of energy nutrients. Also, they contain a lot antioxidants which eliminate toxins and prevent age-related cardiovascular diseases. Its content of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and copper helps to lower blood pressure. Nutritionists advise to consume natural dried fruits, to the detriment of those that are industrially processed.

Rich in dietary fiber

U dietary fiber they are often found in fruits and vegetables and play an important role in intestinal transit. There are soluble and insoluble dietary fibers and each of them plays a specific role in the body. Soluble fiber helps digestion, while insoluble fiber reduces blood cholesterol. In general, fiber acts as filters in the intestine and participates in the absorption of carbohydrates. Therefore, dieticians recommend consuming foods with a high dietary fiber content such as flax to reduce the arterial pressure.

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