Podcast. Our shared routes (7/9): "Patients of 20, 30, 40 years develop resources that are not suspected…"

Promised for a long time, the end of life project, in its current form, generates a number of reactions, especially from caregivers. Behind these debates, there are also men, women and families who live this reality every day. Notre Temps, in collaboration with Audiens, wanted to give voice, through a series of podcasts, to these witnesses, nurses, caregivers, chaplains, experts, Marie de Hennezel, Christophe Fauré… Their bright and sensitive words allow us to resolve these sometimes taboo questions with serenity. The 7th episode is dedicated to Axelle Maneval Van Lander, psychologist in a palliative care unit. Find out more every week on the Notre Temps website. To discover our entire podcast series, click here Axelle Maneval Van Lander has been a palliative care psychologist for 24 years. At the Clermont Ferrand University Hospital, it supports young patients suffering from serious illnesses. It helps them think the unthinkable. Put words to the pain of the end of life approaching when you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s. Stand by these young women and young men until they find the resources in themselves and manage to live their lives to the end.

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