More than 67 thousand for the “dream pop” diva.

There is now little of the glam queen emerging from the original American pop imagination. Lana Del Rey is a timeless diva. It seems obvious to the IHippodrome of La Maura, in Milanunder a leaden sky and in front of more than 67 thousand fans who came to listen to the pioneer of Hollywood sadcore, with his slow and hypnotic rhythms and his melancholy lyrics that talk about “beauty queens” who lose the mind for rebels without a cause and chemtrails in the skies over the Valley’s exclusive country clubs.

After rising in 2012 with “Born to die” today, Lana Del Rey is a star all over the I-Days stage.. Fans know that dark comedy, nostalgic “dream pop” and cinematic atmosphere are what they’ll get tonight. And here I am happy. For them, Lana is perfect. This is demonstrated by the army of women who display flower crowns, bows, lace dresses, Texan boots and heart-shaped glasses imitating their appearance.

Loved by boomers and millennials, Lana. It was he who went all the way to Versilia last year to admire it. And those who are facing it for the first time. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the American artist, fresh from the success of Coachella (the trendiest Californian music festival in the world, adored by stars and international jet set), where he performed in tandem with Billie Eilish, and Primavera Sound, he chose. the Milanese stage for his only date in Italy. The organizers announce it as their biggest concert in our country and the huge areas of the Hippodrome La Maura are the proof.

With a melancholic and bewitching voice, choreography in which she interacts with the dance troupe and hints of pole dancing, the New York singer-songwriter, who describes herself as “the gangster version of Nancy Sinatra”, is in great form when she sings. his melancholic summer, made up of fleeting loves and romantic nostalgia. She takes to the stage in a sequined look like a 60s diva: champagne mini dress, flowery tiara and sparkly ankle boots, while the arrangement for the live versions often deviates from the soft electronica of the original.. He prefers the piano and sometimes big band echoes of the films of the 1950s, in a show that mixes fashion and art and that over the years has conquered a crowd of fans all over the world. “Hello Milan, I’m very happy to be here, you’re special” he says, and the audience goes wild.

Opened by the performances of Clara and Dardust, the show has a dreamlike atmosphere and a decadent scenography, a white patio covered with climbing plants, in front of which the singer-songwriter. sings the great hits of his now twenty-year career: from “Born to Die”, to “Pretty when you cry” and “West Coast, until his manifesto, “Summertime Sadness”, which the audience sings at the top. his lungs. And then “Young and Beautiful” and “Video Games”, a hypnotic ballad that established Lana among the great names of world music, as well as songs such as “A&W” and “Grants” taken from his latest album “Did You Know That” There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, released in March 2023 and received very positively by critics.

Lana Del Rey sings of an era and an imaginary that evokes the nostalgia of a time that no longer exists and perhaps never existed, veiled by the uncertainties of the present. In his case, the definition of “dream pop” seems more appropriate than ever to describe the sensations he gives to the Milanese public. A live show with cinematic iconography in which he alternates intimate songs with explosive hits, complete with a hologram. And another great diva comes to mind, Sophia Loren, who in an interview a few years ago said: “If you’ve never cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful.” A message that Lana, from the stage, firmly conveys to her fans.

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