looking for owners of rental properties for students, guarantee against unpaid debts, contact the BIJ

Based on this observation, the structure, located at 71, rue Bourgneuf, organized on Monday, May 13, a direct line for the owners of Bayonne to guide them on the agreements to secure the rents. Why signing a contract with a young person is good; see your rent paid is better. Payments that are delayed, or even unpaid debts: these fears are expressed in the premises of the BIJ.

When renting to a student or working student, there is the Visa system developed by Action Logement

“When I rent to a student or working student, there is the Visale system developed by Action Logement (ex 1% Logement, editor’s note). It guarantees the payment of the rent in case of non-payment”, explains Joanna Heng , BIJ facilitator. Like, loads and repairs when needed. Enough to reassure the most undecided.

This couple of entrepreneurs from Bayonne took the deal without hesitation. He invested in a building a year ago in Le Petit and accommodates nine students, by conviction. Relatives of twenty years in high school, they considered that it was “civic” to open their doors to these young people in the creation. They do not want to go through a real estate agency to manage their property, considering the selection of files too rigid. They have in mind the example of the son of this farmer who would not have passed the obstacle, and found the sweet home with them. The BIJ was able to answer their questions.

A quality schedule

For students or working students looking for accommodation, the structure has set up a file that lists the accommodation provided and the properties for the year for rent. This list is established according to the criteria developed with Adil (Departmental Association of Housing Information) which charters the nature of the property and its expectations. A furnished apartment must in fact consist of the equipment defined by law.

“We also operate a form of regulation, being a safeguard of the market,” explains Stéphane Ressentiel, head of the service of children and youth in the city of Bayonne. He mentions marginal proposals, such as this room in Bayonne rented for 700 euros: rejected by the BIJ.

On the one hand, the Visa guarantee for the owner; on the other, a decent property for the young tenant: we are sure of a win-win. The fact remains that demand is greater than supply. The team at 71, rue Bourgneuf hopes to swell its ranks, with new roofs for the start of the 2024 school year.

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