Lesser known Italian places, much loved by the American press

I foreign tourists many holiday resorts in Italy now crowded: our country, in recent years, has become one of the favorite destinations especially for Americans. Art cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence are the most popular, places that enchant with their timeless charm. There are those who do not despise the mountains, including the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites, and those who prefer the sea, from Sardinia to the Amalfi Coast. But the US press began to do so focus on lesser known destinations, where you can enjoy a relaxing vacation. Here are the most loved ones.

The lesser-known art cities in Italy

While many tourists meet at the beautiful squares of Rome and the enchanting Venetian streets, the Travel + Leisure takes Americans to discover Italian places that are undoubtedly less known, but no less fascinating. Thus, among the cities of art it stands out Trieste: considered one of the most elegant in Italy, it boasts a very rich historical and architectural heritage that is waiting to be discovered. Overlooking the northern Adriatic Sea, it was for a long time the only maritime trade outlet for Austria, during the Habsburg rule. Among the places worth visiting is the Castle of Miramarenoble residence of the Archduke of Austria Maximilian of Habsburg-Lorraine.

Instead we have to go down a little further south to meet them Ravenna, another destination underestimated by foreign tourists, but a real treasure trove of surprises. In addition to being one of the cities to which the prestigious figure of Dante Alighieri, is also an important artistic and historical center: Romans, Ostrogoths and Byzantines passed through here, leaving their mark in precious buildings and mosaics that enchant visitors. An unmissable stop is the Basilica of San VitaleUNESCO World Heritage along with the other Paleochristian Monuments of Ravenna.

Between sea and mountain: the lesser known places

Italy attracts many foreign tourists thanks to its dream beaches and to the imposing mountains where there are ski resorts with slopes for all tastes (and all abilities). But where to go if you want to stay away from the crowd? In Calabria, there is a wonderful village that many have nicknamed the “less known cuisine of Tropea”. Let’s talk about it Protection paymenta small town that stretches along the famous Coast of the Gods ideal for those who want to spend their holidays in small sandy coves with crystal clear water.

Combining history and beach vacations? The destination to choose is without a doubt Paestum: the ancient city of Magna Grecia, located along the Campania coast in the province of Salerno, is an archaeological park of great charm, although much less known than the nearby sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. It is therefore the perfect place to immerse yourself in the ancient testimonies of the past, and then enjoy a day at the beach without having to push your way through other tourists. In fact, nearby there is a city overlooking the sea, where hotels and restaurants pop up to satisfy every need.

Finally, we have to go to the mountains: if the Dolomites are the most enchanting place for ski holidays, an excellent starting point could be the city of Bressanone. The historic center is home to a splendid architecture waiting to be discovered, and there are also many places to taste typical local dishes. It takes little, therefore, to reach some of the most famous ski resorts in the area, while in summer they await us. many nature excursions or long mountain bike rides, for adults and children.

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