Eight bathrooms, two wine cellars… This apartment on the verge of becoming the most expensive in the United Kingdom cannot find a buyer.

Listed for sale in 2021, the London penthouse offered at £175 million is still on the market. Speaking to the Guardian, its owner laments having to pay £161,000 in charges per year even though he only lives there “20 days a year”.

Five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two cellars… At 175 million pounds (205 million euros), the penthouse of the British billionaire. Nick Candy it could become the most expensive ever sold in the UK. Problem: on the market from 2021, the apartment of more than 1600 square meters located in the One Hyde Park building in the London district of Knightsbridge does not seem to be very popular.

Much to the dismay of his owner. Asked by the guardian Nick Candy said he regretted having to pay 161,000 pounds (189,000 euros) in fees per year even though he rarely lives in the penthouse:

“I’m here about 20 days a year and I pay charges as if I use the pool every day. (…) I don’t live in this apartment, I live in Chelsea,” he said.

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The record held by a nearby apartment

On its website, Sotheby’s describes the penthouse as “one of London’s finest residential real estate assets” with “stunning views over Hyde Park”.

Until now, the record for the most expensive apartment sold across the Channel is held by a property located in the nearby building. The last one was for £140 million in 2014. The UK’s most expensive property, a 45-room private mansion located five minutes’ walk from One Hyde Park, sold for £210 million (€245 million) .

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