Banks require a little less personal contribution to grant credit to first-time buyers

The average amount of contribution required by banks is increasing, except for buyers for the first time, according to a study by the broker Finance Conseil.

The banks did not wait for the politicians and their campaign promises to start again win over first-time buyers. This Tuesday, June 25, BFM Business only reveals the results of the last quarter of the broker Finance Conseil. It shows that while banks remain particularly demanding, it is when it comes to first-time buyers that they are the most flexible.

For first-time buyers, banks are less careful on personal contribution. If the average amount needed has started to rise again for other profiles, the decrease continues for those who buy for the first time.

Differences by region

We are now at around 37,500 euros in contribution for first-time buyers compared to almost 45,000 euros last year. On a local scale, the differences are sometimes spectacular. In Rhône-Alpes, the contribution of the first buyers at just under 30,000 euros in the 2nd quarter compared to almost 70,000 euros for other profiles.

It should be noted that in the north of New Aquitaine, in the Grand Est and in the Hauts-de-France, the contribution of the first buyers varies between 20,000 and 25,000 euros.

Less contribution… and a little lower income than last year. The family that buys for the first time earns on average 3,660 euros per month, about 200 euros less than last year. However, it benefits from significantly greater borrowing capacity thanks to lower rates. For the same monthly payment, a family can borrow almost 15,000 euros more in 25 years compared to January.

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