A student must apply at least 14 times to have the chance to find a roommate in Paris

Rental management specialist Oqoro has unveiled its shared rental barometer. And, unsurprisingly, Paris is the city where the rental tension is the highest.

The first results of Parcoursup are now available and future students are starting to organize for the start of the school year. With one goal in mind: find accommodation. On this occasion, Oqoro, specialist in rental management, presented a barometer of common accommodation*. It turns out that the average rent for a shared room in France is 492 euros per month. There is, of course, a great disparity between cities.

Paris has the highest rent with 746 euros per month. It is followed by Annemasse (704 euros), Nice (661 euros), Lyon (566 euros) and Bordeaux (534 euros). On the other side of the spectrum are Saint-Étienne (378 euros per month), Brest (405 euros) and Le Havre (417 euros).

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For comparison, for a furnished studio, the average rent is 557 euros per month and for a furnished one-room apartment, you have to pay 667 euros per month. The charges for shared accommodation are even cheaper (-about 30%): “subscription and energy consumption (electricity or gas; about 5 euros/month/m²), internet (about 360 euros per year), “Insurance, but also the maintenance costs are expenses. shared by all the housemates,” recalls Oqoro.

“One owner can receive 70 files”

The average rental voltage is 7 applications per room in France. Here again, there are big disparities depending on the city. Thus, Paris comes at the top of the cities where the tension is the highest with 14 applications received per room offered in shared accommodation. On average, cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux and Nice still register more than 10 applicants for the same available room. To see the drop in tension, we must bet Rouen and Orléans (3 files for a room), Clermont-Ferrand (4 files for a room) and Saint-Etienne (5 files for a room).

The rent tension is an annual average, but there is a strong seasonality in the applications. “From the results of Parcoursup, the applications burst: in the summer, there are 4 to 5 times more applications than the rest of the year and the so-called tense cities are even more,” specifies the Oqoro study.

Adrien Faure, co-founder of Oqoro, adds: “With a complete file, an applicant must apply at least 14 times to have the possibility of finding a shared accommodation in Paris. The summer is even worse because an owner can receive 70 files.”

Only solution: have a complete file and position quickly. The guarantor is the center of the file of the tenant. Almost 41% of applicants have physical guarantors, parents or grandparents most of the time for students. 22% benefit from the Visa guarantee. 8% opt for private guarantor companies (Garantme, Smartgarant, Cautioneo, etc.) that offer a moral guarantor solution for a percentage of the rent. 29% have no guarantees, especially because they have a permanent contract (50% of applicants are students and 44% are young workers, 3% are pensioners).

“The profile preferred by the owners is a candidate with an income and a physical guarantee”, concludes Adrien Faure.

* METHODOLOGY: study based on the analysis of 100,000 apartments offered for shared housing throughout France and 150,000 people looking for shared housing.

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